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Best burning fire fuels, firewood



Winter is around the corner & it’s time to stock up the woodpile!

Purchase your firewood requirements, with confidence, from an accredited member of the Firewood Association of Australia. We have large stocks of extra well seasoned firewood.

We have been trusted suppliers of firewood since 1982. Our firewood is sustainably sourced under the guidelines set down by the Federal Govt which ensures the ethical sourcing of our products.

Unlike many firewood suppliers, we can tailor your requirements to suit your fireplace eg very small for a Victorian fireplace or big & chunky for an open fire.

Firewood is sustainable & renewable & can reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 10 times compared to electricity or gas.

Bulk and bagged firewood is available delivered to home users in the Sydney metropolitan areas & the Southern Highlands.

Bagged firewood is available delivered to service stations in most of NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba.